Briggs and Stratton Coil Replaces Part Number 590455


New Ignition Coil Assembly to fit a Briggs and stratton Engine 


Briggs & Stratton 120502, 120T02, 121H02, 121K02, 122H02, 122H07, 122H82, 122K02, 122K07, 122K12, 122K82, 122M02, 122M05, 122M07, 122T02, 122T05, 122T07, 123K02, 123K05, 123K07, 123K09, 123K12, 124H02, 124H82, 124K02, 124L02, 124T02, 124T05, 124T07, 124T12, 125H02, 125H07, 125H82, 126K02, 126L02, 126M02, 126M05, 126M07, 126T02, 126T05, 126T07, 127702, 127707, 127802, 127807, 127882, 127887, 128802, 128807, 128809, 128812, 128882, 128887, 128L02, 128L05, 128L07, 128M02, 128M05, 128M07, 128T02, 128T05, 128T07, 12F802, 12F805, 12F807, 12F809, 12F812, 12F882, 12F887, 12F889, 12G802, 12G807, 12G812, 12G882, 12H802, 12H805, 12H807, 12H809, 12H812, 12H882, 12H887, 12J802, 12J807, 12J809, 12J882, 12J887, 12J902, 12J907, 12X802 & 12X812 series engines.
Replaces OEM: 590455, 793354, 799382

This is a direct replacement for OME part number 590455, 793354, 799382

All Mower Parts UK Part number - OW48451/22

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    Engines Spares > Ignition Coils > LAWN MOWER > BRIGGS AND STRATTON
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